Offshore Company

Offshore Company Brings Benefits

Entrepreneur and Offshore Money

What is offshore company depends of the situation of the entrepreneur. A German citizen might use United States company to optimize his personal taxes, while U.S. Citizen might use Croatian company for his tax optimization.

It cannot be said that particular offshore company is suited for everyone. Prior to any offshore incorporation it is important to review the entrepreneur's situation:

  • What is the entrepreneur's tax residency?

  • What is the business in question?

  • Where will clients or buyers be located?

  • What payment amounts and methods are in question?

  • What is the purpose for offshore incorporation?

Offshore Corporation, Not Always the Right Choice

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Someone under risks of divorce, or being in deep debts, might think that offshore incorporation is the right choice, but a choice to incorporate offshore might deepen the personal risks if the situation has not been carefully analysed.

Offshore formation alone will rarely be a complete solution for a global entrepreneur. There might be other factors worth considering, for which additional asset protection strategies should be used:

  • Protection of local assets, such as real estate, yachts and vehicles

  • The choice for the right offshore bank account

  • Minimization of local personal risks, divorce, bad debts

  • Global business expansion

Global Consulting Services

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THETABIZ S.A. provides asset protection strategies based on the particular situation of the businessman. Our strategies and global consulting services are based mainly on following factors:

  • Your tax residency situation and resources for change

  • Type of business you want to move or run offshore

  • Location of the clients or buyers of such business products or services

  • Volume of transactions and choice for the right offshore bank

  • Business purposes and goals